A typical advartisement in the newspaper begins :

” We are company that develop quickly and need the new co-worker .

The right candidate should have the following characteristics:
well organized
conscientious ….”


Do you know whether a human being who possesses all these qualities ?

Don´t think that there is such a man, but A TEAM can have all this

Build your Team .

Instead of looking for individuals who coming from other galaxy, you should focus you on creating teams that consist of several individually with all its advantages weaknesses.

Those who are social and can easily build the bridge between people, creating new contacts, build networks maybe can not be sure that the tasks done within time limit, measure performance, set standards ensure that efficiency increases.
Same as those who create ideas, strategic thinking can not care about all the details are in place in the production process.
Those who are good at their expertise area is usually not concerned with coordination or not have time for analysis company in whole , draw conclusions

It is not easy. Recruit and put the right person at the right place in the organization structure, is a separate topic. Sometimes it’s art, you have to be talented to make the right moves and create team success ')}